Saavsus offers research- and evidence-based programs in the following categories.


Programs to support parent/child interactions including: curricula for parent education, interventions to help parents cope with and understand their children, assessments to measure parenting skills, programs to support strengthening families, and any program that helps address the issue of child abuse and transition into early childhood education.

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Early Childhood Education

Curricula to support programs transitioning children into school life and professional development for ECE providers. Areas of interest include: child literacy, parents as teachers, health and nutrition, and tools for measuring effective delivery of early childhood education programs.

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Youth Behavioral Health

Interventions and curricula addressing adolescent behavioral health needs, and professional development programs to support those who work with adolescents with behavioral health issues. Programs and assessment tools that facilitate the transition of at-risk youth into the mainstream classroom.

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We are actively seeking products in these and the following categories.

Special Education

Assessments and interventions that address the needs of students with needs not provided for in the standard classroom.


Enhancing home life with programs that provide skills to improve physical and mental health, nutrition, and wellness, along with healthy interactions and communication.


Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine programs such as yoga and meditation that can enhance health outcomes; and interventions addressing prevention behaviors such as sound nutrition and exercise.


Programs that support aging in place, caregiver support, senior wellness, and community connections.