Parenting: The First Three Years Online

Parenting: The First Three Years Online (FTY Online) is an adaptation of Parenting Now!’s group-based curriculum, Parenting: The First Three Years. Developed as a collaborative project with IRIS Media and Oregon Research Institute, this video-based program provides age-targeted parenting education for families with children aged birth through two years of age.

FTY Online uses a developmental approach incorporating the latest research on child development, positive parenting strategies, and brain development during the critical first three years of life. Based on years of parenting group experience and the Protective Factors (Center for the Study of Social Policy), the curriculum is designed to help families thrive in the face of challenges and increase parent and child resilience, improving skills in: 

  • knowledge of child development and the development of appropriate expectations for children, 
  • knowledge of practices that support children’s cognitive development,
  • development of stress and anger management skills, 
  • knowledge of positive discipline practices, with a foundation of discipline as teaching and not as punishment, and
  • development of social support networks.

Targeted to the child’s age, parents learn how to encourage and develop areas of strength and scaffold growth in areas of challenge. Sequenced emails, videos, checklists, and skill-building exercises present information on the following age-targeted topics:

  • Incredible INFANTs: parents gain sensitivity and responsiveness to infant cues; learn to accurately read infant states and respond appropriately; and learn the importance of warmth and play.
  • Wonderful ONEs: parents come to understand child-led play and building stimulating environments to encourage cognitive development and autonomy. Parents gain skills to strengthen the parent-child relationship, including understanding 1-year-old’s natural and positive motivation to learn and grow; effective communication; discipline as teaching; and emotion-coaching.
  • Terrific TWOs: groups develop a long-range view: what they value for their 2-year-olds and how can they “pack their suitcase” with the skills, attitudes and behaviors they want their child to take with them when they are grown.

FTY Online was evaluated in a clinical trial, with significant effects in reducing unmet need for social support and in parenting skills.

This online program provides access to quality parenting education and support to under-served families whenever and where ever families choose to visit. The program is accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Organizations that purchase qualifying Parenting Now! curricula will be provided with a landing page on the FTY Online website along with password access for their parent clients to register for FTY Online.

The qualifying curricula are:

Due to capacity restraints, this will be a limited time offer, ending June 30, 2016. Enter the promo code PE9WJXG when making qualified curricula purchase and we will contact you to establish your FTY Online web page and access codes.