Oregon Research Behavioral Intervention Strategies, Inc.

Founded in 2013, Oregon Research Behavioral Intervention Strategies, Inc. (ORBIS) is an applied behavioral research and development company dedicated to improving the quality of people's lives through the creation and commercialization of research-based products and programs. The scientists at ORBIS are nationally recognized experts in the fields of health behavior change, wellness promotion, parenting skills development, and curriculum development. ORBIS is committed to ensuring that the results of scientific research are shared with professionals and the public through widespread distribution of its products.



Adolescent Coping with Depression Course Training

ORBIS provides ongoing training and support for the Adolescent Coping with Depression Course. Dr. Paul Rohde and Jenel Jorgensen, MFT have over two decades between them, working with adolescent depression treatment interventions and providing support for this curriculum. They offer half- and full-day formal trainings remotely delivered through the ORBIS online platform, as well as hourly consultation addressing specific needs and delivery strategies. Additionally, on-site trainings can be scheduled.

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