Parenting: The First Three Years Support Videos

This DVD contains 38 compelling 1-7 minute videos addressing child development, stress management, communications, and couple relationship topics for parents of children from birth through 35 months. It contains over two hours and 27 minutes of content.

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Incredible INFANTs

The Baby Mystery (2:12)

What is your baby trying to say when he or she cries, fusses, squirms, or wiggles? Learn how to be a baby detective, follow your baby’s clues, and unlock The Baby Mystery.

Cues and Clues (3:14)

What do your baby’s smiles, cries, body movements, and other cues mean?

Time for Temperament (2:07)

Each baby is born with a unique temperament—their own way of approaching and responding to the world. How does this affect what you do as a parent?

Walking In Baby's Booties

Walking In Baby’s Booties (1:56)

Does responding to their cries and needs spoil babies? Learn more about what research tells us about responding to baby’s upsets.

Good Vibrations (2:16)

Even babies have “bad days” when they feel cranky and irritable. Learn how you can help your baby get through a hard day (and help yourself get through it too).

Soothing Secrets (2:05)

How do your baby’s upsets affect his or her stress level, and what can you do to help? Learn how to comfort your upset baby and begin to teach them how to soothe themselves.

The Message in the Massage (2:12)

Touch is like talk for your baby, and baby massage sends the message that you care. This video will show you how you can communicate care and encourage development through baby massage.

Baby Babble

Baby Babble (2:36)

Your baby loves the sound of your voice. Talking to your baby and responding to his or her first efforts to “speak” encourages your baby’s language and brain development. Learn how you can use this period of incredible brain growth to boost your baby’s language development.

No Gadgets Required (2:50)

What’s the best way to build your baby’s brain potential? Learn about the activities that will delight your baby, and build brain cells, a strong body, and a close relationship with you.

Experts Discover (1:29)

News Flash! Experts discover the world’s greatest educational toy!

Get on Baby’s Chat Line (3:17)

We adults have been talking for so long that it’s hard to imagine what it might be like to just be learning how to move our tongues to make different noises and say something. Or to just be learning what words are and what they mean! But for babies, that’s their world—they’re trying to figure it all out. And you can help! This video demonstrates things you can do to boost your baby’s language and brain power.

Timing and Tempo

Timing and Tempo (1:25)

Sometimes your baby needs stimulation to learn about the world. And sometimes your baby needs quiet time and solitude to reflect and recharge. Learn how you can offer a balance of experiences that meet your baby’s need for both stimulation and quiet time. You’ll also find other helpful resources on building routines to simplify daily family life and create predictability and rhythm for your baby.

Loving Limits (2:12)

When your baby begins to get around, what’s the best way to teach babies about what is OK to do and what is not OK to do?

Finding Your Groove (3:54)

With parenthood your life has changed in so many ways! Even though it can be a joyous time, you may also experience stress, fatigue or self-doubt. This video will show you how to manage the baby blues.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving (2:36)

Do you find yourself disagreeing with others about what is best for your baby or how to run your household? This video will show you simple steps that can help you reduce conflict and solve problems.

Adult Themes (1:10)

Do you find that sex is not as much of a priority these days? Learn more about what is happening under the covers and how you can cope with changes in hormones and sex. 

Fun and Games with Your New Family (1:36)

What is one of the most important things you can do to create a sense of family togetherness? Watch this video to learn more about how to use fun times to strengthen family bonds and help everyone feel secure and confident. 

Wonderful ONEs

Little Explorers on the Move (3:40)

Seems like just yesterday you were holding a small baby in your arms and now your One is a moving, exploring wonder! Learn more about how to create a home environment that gives room to explore and learn while also keeping your One (and your valuables!) safe.

Your Wonderful One

Your Wonderful One (3:56)

Each child’s personality is as unique as their fingerprint. What does research tell us about how you can adjust your parenting to best support your One’s budding personality?

Connecting Through Language (6:23)

Your One’s communication and language skills are growing rapidly this year and you have a powerful influence on them. This video will help you to learn simple ways you can influence your One’s language skills for a lifetime.

Setting Up Family Routines for Success (4:52)

Does it suddenly feel like your life has been turned upside down? Life with a One can be chaotic and unpredictable. Learn how to simplify daily life, feel more organized, and help your One feel more secure and self-confident.

Effective Discipline for Ones

Effective Discipline for Ones (5:38)

Suddenly having power struggles with your One? Your sweet compliant baby has turned into a whirlwind of activity with a mind of their own. This video will help you to learn how to use positive approaches to teach your One about expected behaviors and to work more cooperatively together.

The Emotional Life of a One (5:34)

What is going on inside your One when they get so upset? And what can you do to help your One get through those upsets and learn to manage their emotions?

Nurturing Parents Nurturing Families (3:31)

Do you find yourself so busy meeting your One’s needs that you neglect your own? Research tells us that there are special benefits for Ones when their parents take good care of themselves. Learn about these benefits and how you can balance your One’s needs with your own needs.

Breaking the Stress Cycle

Breaking the Stress Cycle (4:25)

It’s normal for parents to sometimes get stressed out by the challenges of parenting. But did you know that your stress can have negative effects on your One’s health as well as your own? Find out how you can move forward even when you feel stressed.

Your Child's Social Journey (5:11)

Learning how to get along with others is not easy for Ones. What can you do to help guide your One’s social journey? And what is the surprising meaning behind your One’s “NO!”?

Brain Building for Ones (5:32)

Your One’s developing brain is laying down the foundation for all future learning. What do experts say about how you can help build your One's brainpower?

Terrific TWOs

Who Is Your Two? (4:39)

Each child is born with a unique “temperament” – his or her own way of approaching and responding to the world. This video shows how to support your child’s development by appreciating (and working with) his or her unique temperament.

Your Child's Suitcase (5:02)

What do you want your child to have learned when he or she leaves home, suitcase in hand?

Finding a Parenting Style that Works for You (5:09)

Our parenting style is a combination of all the things we do to guide our children on a daily basis. How can we choose a parenting style that fits closely with our values and goals?

Setting Up Family Rules and Guidelines

Setting Up Family Rules and Guidelines (4:41)

Life without rules is chaotic, but life with too many rules is also hard to navigate. This video shows how to choose rules for Twos that work for the whole family, as well as how to teach them effectively.

Building Effective Family Communication (7:17)

This video shows how to develop positive communication habits that help families live, work, solve problems, and enjoy spending time together.

Two’s Journey to Self-Discipline (4:45)

A Two is like an inexperienced driver behind the wheel of a fast car – all accelerator and no brake!  Twos need friendly guides to help them learn how to drive and learn the rules of the road. This video shows how to approach discipline as teaching instead of punishment.

Turning 'Terrible' into 'Terrific'

Turning ‘Terrible’ into ‘Terrific’ (7:17)

You can turn “terrible” into “terrific” and stay one step ahead by using the positive, proactive parenting strategies shown in this video!

Setting Loving Limits (4:40)

This video shows how to compassionately yet firmly set limits on inappropriate behavior, without getting into power struggles with your child.

Upsets and Meltdowns (5:29)

This video shows how to help yourself and your Two get through a meltdown, without making it worse, and how to prevent many of them.

Building Your Two's Brainpower

Building Your Two’s Brainpower (5:42)

Good news! Brain development doesn’t require fancy gadgets or special classes. This video shows you how play and everyday sensory activities support your child’s healthy brain development.

Moving into the Outside World (4:54)

This video helps you understand ways in which you have control over outside influences, and shows steps you can take to encourage positive outside influences while minimizing negative ones.