Dissemination and our publishing model

Saavsus is a mission-driven publisher, dedicated to disseminating research and evidence-based materials that impact the lives of children and families. We work with universities and other organizations who conduct grant-funded research. We currently publish materials for parenting, early childhood, and adolescent behavioral health; but are interested in a wide range of programs that address public health and human services' needs.

We work with a number of partner organizations to help researchers initiate SBIR/STTR grant applications to obtain NIH and IES funding to convert the product of basic research into intervention materials, assessment tools, and curricula that are fully evaluated and made suitable for dissemination. We participate in developing commercialization narratives for grant applications, soliciting letters of support from our customer base, and recruiting sites and participants for program evaluations. 

Once finished products are developed, we provide design, distribution, technology, production, marketing and sales services on an author/royalty basis. We provide reports that not only provide revenue information but also detail who is purchasing materials. Additionally, we are able to provide user feedback and conduct needs and evaluation surveys to assist our research clients in pursuing new research projects.

We utilize a direct email dissemination model to provide information to prospects. We research email contacts for clinicians, educators, and providers who would potentially utilize the materials we represent and contact them periodically with information about those materials. 

We appreciate the opportunity to review materials or research projects with a goal to produce programs that are suitable for dissemination. If you or any of your colleagues have interest in exploring collaboration with us, please contact us.