We want to work with you!

Saavsus is actively seeking to work with organizations that develop programs addressing the needs of children and families and the needs of professionals who work with children and families.  We provide our developers with product design, distribution, technology (where appropriate), production, marketing and sales services on a publisher/author royalty basis. 

Our marketing efforts are primarily focused on curricula, interventions, assessments, and professional development programs.  Markets we serve are in the education, public health, behavioral health, and allied market segments. We design highly targeted outreach campaigns using qualitative market research and by creating customized prospect databases.

Saavsus has expertise in the manufacture of products utilizing a wide range of media from printed materials to CD/DVDs, online delivery platforms, and mobile apps. We handle all aspects of branding and packaging, customer/prospect management, fulfillment, and customer support. Additionally we maintain ongoing customer contact and collect quantitative and qualitative data and feedback that can inform continued product development and provide useful data for our developer partners.

Saavsus works with research-focused organizations that do not have commercialization expertise and infrastructure primarily dedicated to dissemination. We have interest in a wide range of program categories. 

We are actively seeking to represent and disseminate quality research- and evidence-based programs that promote child and family well-being. Please contact us if your organization would benefit from our counsel and services.