Make Parenting A Pleasure DVDs (set of 3)


Make Parenting A Pleasure DVDs (set of 3)


Make Parenting A Pleasure® DVDs are short, video vignettes and are used to promote discussion within the parenting groups.

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Use these 10 short videos as a teaching tool with the Make Parenting A Pleasure® curriculum to stimulate discussion in your groups.

Video titles include:

  •  Perfect Family
  •  Self-Talk
  •  Stress Busters
  •  NBC's of Handling Anger
  •  Non-Verbal Communication
  •  Quiet Listening, Active Listening
  •  Wheels of Communication
  •  7 Steps to Encouraging Positive Behavior
  •  Parent's Toolbox – 8 Prevention Tools
  •  Parent's Toolbox – Second Steps