Parenting: The First Three Years Curricula

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Parenting: The First Three Years Curricula


A three-­part, group­-based curriculum for parents of Infants, Ones and Twos. Incredible INFANTs®, Wonderful ONES®, and Terrific TWOs® are developmentally based curricula that offer in-­depth parenting education to the universal population of parents of infants and toddlers. These research­-based and evidence-­informed curricula are available individually or as a set at discounted pricing.

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Parenting: The First Three Years® optimizes an appreciation of child development knowledge and provides the opportunity to unify cohorts of parents of children ages birth to three to promote mutual support and prevent parent isolation --­­ a key protective factor in abuse prevention.

Parenting: The First Three Years Overview

The material is excellent... I would not hesitate to recommend this curriculum to programs that run parent groups. Your curriculum will be a wonderful resource to parent group facilitators.
— Helen Reif, Manager of Training, Healthy Families America

Parents come together for each series of ten sessions to:

  • Learn about developmental ages and stages
  • Gain greater understanding and appreciation of their individual child
  • See themselves as their child's first and most important teacher
  • Learn effective parenting skills and positive approaches to discipline
  • Make friends and become part of a learning, supportive group.

While there are other ways parents gain information about parenting, there is something very special about the group process. Home visiting programs have found that adding a group component is an important complement to their one-­on­-one program. The ideas and exercises in this curriculum can be adapted for home visits.

Designed by parenting educators for parenting educators, Parenting: The First Three Years' facilitated approach to parenting education helps parents achieve their goals for their families and respects the diversity of those goals. Parenting Now! Has been providing parent education and support since 1978; and many thousands of parents have benefited from their dynamic parenting groups. Parenting educators give the program high marks for its ease-­of-­use.

Each curriculum contains:

  • 10 individual modules that focus on important parenting skills and issues. Each module is user friendly and includes goals, an agenda, materials list, preparation guide, class session content, and additional material that to tailor the session to parent needs.
  • Individual videos, each spotlighting a segment of the curriculum's sessions, helping to focus the topic and provide “real life” situations for discussion. The videos are presented in 4 to 10 minute segments in DVD format.
  • A Parent Educator Guide with an overview of the curriculum, information on group process, tips for starting a Parenting: The First Three Years program and materials to help leaders work most effectively with parents in a group setting.
  • 15 Parent Booklets with activity sheets, BabyWatch or Home Practice, Take Home Ideas, and Developmental Spotlights.

Additional Information

  • Preview sample Incredible INFANTs facilitator booklet and video here.
  • Preview sample Wonderful ONEs facilitator booklet and video here.
  • Preview sample Terrific TWOs facilitator booklet and video here.
  • Read the summary report of the First Three Years evaluation here.


The curriculum does an excellent job of informing and supporting parents in their parenting role. [It] provides a welcomed addition to the field of parenting education.
— Mildred M. Winter, Founding Director, Parents as Teachers
FABULOUS AND EXCITING! Congratulations on a job well-done. I like that it completely engages the parents and is family-oriented, taking into account everyone’s perspectives. The topics covered are relevant, appropriate for the age, and developmentally appropriate and sequenced both in regards to children’s and parent’s development. The approach is interactive, giving parents a chance to reflect, to respond, to work in smaller groups (even one-on-one) with other parents. Sensitive topics like discipline are handled openly, honestly, positively and sensitively.
— Merle G. Greene, Early Childhood Education Director, HIPPYUSA
The goals of [Parenting Now!] are shared goals of ours in our Touchpoints outreach program. Our children are at risk and we all know that 0 to three is the time to reach out for them and for their families.
— T. Berry Brazelton MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus Harvard Medical School, Founder and President, Brazelton Touchpoints Project, Inc.