Parenting: The First Three Years Support Video Server


Parenting: The First Three Years Support Video Server


This device enables viewing of the Parenting: The First Three Years Support Videos on any tablet, smartphone, or laptop through a wireless connection with no Internet connectivity required. These videos are ideal for home visitation purposes or to support understanding of child development in parenting education classes.

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Parenting: The First Three Years – Support Videos were derived from a series of curricula that is research-­based and evidence-­informed. The video content optimizes an appreciation of child development knowledge and provides the parenting educator or home visitor with short, focused vignettes that illustrate key parenting issues experienced during birth through 35-months of age.

Designed by parenting educators for parenting educators, Parenting: The First Three Years – Support Videos consists of 38 compelling 1-7 minute videos addressing child development topics in over two hours and 27 minutes of content. A complete listing of video segments, run times, and sample videos can be found here.

This wonderful DVD will be helpful to parents by providing brief visual depictions of responding supportively to a wide range of situations that commonly occur in infancy and early childhood, the years that shape the person who is developing.
— Vincent J. Felitti, MD, Co-Principal Investigator, the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study

Using the Parenting: The First Three Years ­- Support Video Server a home visitor or parenting educator can display and watch these videos on mobile devices in any environment. All device platforms are supported and a standard web browser is all that is needed to access the videos.

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Sample Content

Timing and Tempo

Baby Babble

Brain Building for Ones

Effective Discipline for Ones

Setting Up Family Rules and Guidelines

Moving Into the Outside World

During the first 3 years, children's long-term developmental trajectories are established, and the quality of parenting the child receives on a daily basis profoundly influences these trajectories. The transition to parenthood is a difficult one for many parents, however, and can lead to parental stress and a lack of parenting competence and confidence. The video vignettes contained in Parenting: The First Three Years - Support Videos enable parenting educators and home visitors to more efficiently address a wide range of key child development topics.

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