Adolescent Coping with Depression Course Training


Adolescent Coping with Depression Course Training

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Oregon Research Behavioral Intervention Strategies (ORBIS) provides ongoing training and support for the Adolescent Coping with Depression Course. Dr. Paul Rohde has over three decades of experience working with adolescent depression treatment interventions and providing support for this curriculum. He offers half- and full-day formal trainings remotely delivered through the ORBIS online platform, as well as hourly consultation addressing specific needs and delivery strategies. Additionally, on-site trainings can be scheduled.

Meet the Trainer

Paul Rohde, PhD
Paul Rohde is a Senior Research Scientist at Oregon Research Institute (ORI), where he has worked since 1988. His research focuses on the treatment, prevention, and epidemiology of adolescent depression, with a special interest in the impact of comorbid conditions. Dr. Rohde has directed or co-directed 21 federally-funded research projects and has published over 115 research-based articles. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1988 and is a licensed psychologist.

Half-day Training (4 hours; $1,000)

This option will provide a thorough introduction to the Adolescent Coping With Depression (CWD-A) course and a detailed review of all CWD-A skill areas. The training will include a brief orientation to cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) for adolescent depression more broadly and the CWD-A specifically, including its evidence base (approximately 30 minutes). The bulk of the training (approximately 2.5 hours) will consist of a detailed review of each of the 8 core CBT skills contained in the CWD-A intervention: mood monitoring, pleasant activities, social skills, relaxation, cognitive restructuring, communication, problem-solving, relapse prevention. The last hour of the training will work on discussing process issues, Q&A, and implementation in your specific setting. This option will accommodate up to 10 participants.

Full-day Training (7 hours; $1,500)

The option will include all the material contained in the half-day training. The general structure will remain the same but the training will be expanded by trainees role-playing selected sections of the CWD-A intervention, with the trainer observing and providing feedback and supervision. In these role-plays, the other trainees play mock group members and complete some of the in-session and homework assignments. This detailed review and practice of the actual CWD-A material will comprise approximately 6 hours of the training experience.  Our experience has been the trainees get the most benefit from trainings when they actually practice delivering the material and when they complete some of the assignments. The training will include discussion of the supplemental parent group and how to incorporate parents into treatment with depressed adolescents, a more in-depth discussion of process issues, methods for supervision and ongoing training, and brainstorming ways into which the CWD-A materials can be implemented in the specific setting of the trainees. This training will accommodate up to 10 participants.

Hourly Consultation ($300/hr.)

Dr. Rohde can provide technical assistance and consultation via video conference on an hourly basis. This consultation will be personalized to the stage of implementation for the specific trainee or intervention site. We will generally try to clarify before the consultation what type of assistance is needed and would be most helpful so that we can create a consultation agenda prior to the call or at the very beginning of the consultation meeting. Consultation can include a brief orientation to the CWD-A materials, practical recommendations, answers to specific questions regarding various skills, methods for recruitment, providing the CWD-A or its variants in different settings or in the context of other treatments, and methods for effective implementation.

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