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Fast Facts - Oral Health Library


Fast Facts handouts serve as a reinforcement of oral health information discussed with families of young children. Thirteen issue-specific, bilingual handouts are sold individually in packs of 25 or 50 handouts, or as a complete set of all 13 varieties.

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Early childhood professionals are always looking for quality handouts to leave with parents to reinforce education. Based on the research provided by literacy experts, Fast Facts contain simple words and lots of white space, making reading easier; while bright graphics keep the reader engaged. Fast Facts are a collection of issue-specific oral health fliers. They reinforce the oral health information provided by home visitors and educators so that families are encouraged to increase the frequency and consistency of good oral health practices.

Individual Packs

Fast Facts: Bottles & Bedtime

Sugary liquids rot your sleeping baby’s teeth. This flier gives suggestions for ways you can protect your baby’s teeth at bedtime.

Fast Facts: Breastfeeding & Healthy Teeth

Breast milk does not cause cavities on its own. Healthy tips for caring for baby's teeth while breastfeeding and introducing solid food.

Fast Facts: Brushing Up for Healthy Teeth

Toothbrushing is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Fast Facts: Cavity Free Starts at Pregnancy

Children are not born with cavity causing bacteria. It is most often transferred through the child’s primary caregiver. This flier gives several good ideas for ways to reduce the risk of transmission.

Fast Facts: Choose the Right Container

This flier reinforces the message about the appropriate time to wean a baby from the bottle, as well as sharing the dangers of inappropriate sippy cup usage. It includes amounts of sugar found in common drinks.

Fast Facts: Fluoride for Healthy Teeth

Fluoride is safe for children and it strengthens their teeth even before the first one emerges. This flier shares tips for protecting children's teeth with fluoride.

Fast Facts: Healthy Snacks Limit Acid Attacks

When you eat is just as important as what you eat when it comes to preventing tooth decay. These graphs show how our teeth are attacked by acid every time we eat carbohydrates. It is a wonderful visual to explain the dangers of "grazing" throughout the day and has proven to work well for all ages!

Fast Facts: Is Your Mouth Ready for Pregnancy?

Taking extra care of your mouth during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. Having dental work done during pregnancy is safe. Here are several signs and symptoms to look for that can signal problems.

Fast Facts: Lift the Lip

A step-by-step guide to assist caregivers in how to screen their infant’s mouth and teeth for changes.

Fast Facts: My Child's First Dental Visit

Children should have their first dental visit at age one. 

Fast Facts: Tasty Treats for Teeth

This flier gives suggestions for snacks that are “teeth healthy”. Also provides guidance on the occasional sweet treat.

Fast Facts: They're Not Just Baby Teeth

Cavities can cause pain. Your child may use actions instead of words to let you know they are hurting. This flier shares the warning signs of possible cavities.

Fast Facts: Toothpaste Tips

Shares information about the proper use of toothpaste as well as the age-appropriate amount to use. Most adults are surprised by this fact!

Complete Sets

Fast Facts: Complete Set

This complete set contains all 13 Fast Facts fliers in quantities of 25 or 50 per handout.