Saavsus™, Inc. launches publishing services for research- and evidence-based products that support child and family well-being

Eugene, OR - Saavsus, Inc. will begin operations as a publisher of research- and evidence-based programs with the launch of the company’s new website:

Saavsus is focused on working with organizations that develop research- and evidence-based interventions, assessments, curricula, and professional development programs that address the needs of children and families and the needs of professionals who work with children and families. Saavsus provides its development partners with product design, distribution, technology (where appropriate), production, marketing and sales services on a publisher/author royalty basis.

Saavsus' principals have experience working with academic and non-profit organizations whose research mission requires an emphasis on fidelity of use that often cannot be duplicated in real-world applications. Understanding and having sensitivity to this research mission and addressing it in the process of dissemination is a unique aspect that Saavsus provides to its development partners. Additionally, Saavsus appreciates the value that real-world feedback and longitudinal data extending beyond grant completion brings to the dedicated researcher. Saavsus is committed to collecting and providing practical feedback to their developers.

“We work with research-focused businesses and non-profits that do not have commercialization expertise and infrastructure primarily dedicated to dissemination,” said Paul Berger, President of Saavsus. “Many valuable and useful programs are developed with funding by government and foundation grants. But getting these programs out into the world where they can impact the community at large is difficult. It requires a collaborative and robust relationship between developer and publisher. This is the mission Saavsus fulfills.”

Saavsus, Inc. actively seeks to represent and disseminate quality research- and evidence-based programs that promote child and family well-being.