Parenting Now!® selects Saavsus™, Inc. to be the exclusive publisher for its internationally recognized parenting education programs

Eugene, OR - Saavsus, Inc. announces that it is now the exclusive publisher and distributor for Parenting Now!, formerly Birth To Three. Parenting Now! provides parenting education and support to families with young children. Their internationally recognized curricula, training and materials are used at more than 800 sites in 46 states and Washington, D.C.; 18 international locations; and in Native American and Native Hawaiian communities.

Since 1978, nearly 93,000 parents and their children have benefited from Parenting Now! programs and services. Through sound research and hands-on experience, Parenting Now! has developed curricula and training for parenting educators that is flexible, adaptable and very user-friendly. 

Make Parenting a Pleasure®, Parenting Now!'s flagship program, is a group-based, evidence informed, and research-based curriculum for highly stressed parents of children from 0 to 8 years old. Recognized by OJJDP Strengthening Families Project  as a “Best Promising Program”, Make Parenting a Pleasure provides a solution for parenting educators working with at-risk populations. Its 13 modules include step-by-step facilitator instructions and support materials for both facilitator and parents, including videos on DVD, which help illustrate sound parenting concepts. A Spanish-language version, Haga de la Paternidad un Placer, is also available.

The Parenting Now! curriculum program was developed for parenting educators serving the universal population of parents with children ages 0-6. The program helps parents bring personal values into their day-to-day and long-range parenting practices with an emphasis on respecting their children as individuals. Ideally suited for counseling professionals or community- and faith-based organizations that wish to offer a supportive parenting program, this curriculum is a 7-session, turn-key package that is easy to use and implement in a variety of settings.

The First Three Years series: Incredible INFANTs®, Wonderful ONES®, and Terrific TWOs® is a developmental-based curriculum designed for healthcare systems, community colleges, and other organizations that wish to offer in-depth parenting education to the universal population of parents of young children. 

The facilitator materials enable parenting educators to implement any of the programs without training. However, in-depth training is available and provided by Parenting Now!'s expert staff members. For complete information on all of Parenting Now! programs for parenting educators, please visit

“We are very pleased to be able to work with Parenting Now!, one of the best recognized parenting education organizations in the nation, to widely disseminate their parenting educator curricula and serve professionals dedicated to helping parents acquire the skills they need to nurture their children,” said Paul Berger, President of SAAVSUS. 

“Having been an alumnae of Parenting Now!, participating in the organization’s parenting education groups as a new parent, I'm personally aware of the value our programs provide,” said Lynne Swartz, Executive Director of Parenting Now! “We’re excited by the energy SAAVSUS is bringing to the task of promoting and widely distributing our programs.”

SAAVSUS, Inc. actively seeks to represent and disseminate quality research- and evidence-based programs that promote child and family well-being.

Parenting Now!’s mission is that all children will be raised by nurturing, skilled parents. Since 1978, Parenting Now! has provided parenting education in the Lane County, Oregon area. The curricula is used worldwide.